June @ 2011 @ Weiner Edrich Brown

Upcoming World Future Society Conference

Every year, the entire WEB teams attends the annual World Future Society conference, and lucky for us, this year it’s in Vancouver.

On Saturday, July 9th, Jared and I (Erica) will be presenting on “Cultural Shifts Among Global Youths: Part II” — last year we highlighted everything from the growing importance of social networking sites and virtual reality to shifting communications styles and feedback mechanisms to important demographic trends such as skewed sex ratios, an aging population and changing household formation.  This year, we’ll be leading another robust discussion on an entirely new set of trends that are currently impacting the future of our youth.  We’ll be shedding light on the social, demographic and technological shifts occurring in both today’s global youth and future generations.

Also on Saturday, Arnold and Edie will be presenting on “The Six Hottest Technologies Shaping the Future: And What They Will Do For You and Your Organization.”  They will talk through the six greatest technological developments that will lead the way to an even newer world, and how they will affect your life, both personally and professionally.  What are the implications of these disruptive transforming technologies, and how will they shape the future?